Saturday, May 29, 2004


There are some in life who, when presented with strife and controversy, rarely take the time to defend their position, even when doing so is clearly in their best interest. I found this to be especially true of the deer residing in Ridgefield, CT.

The people of the town seemed to be infuriated by what they saw as one of natures preposterous woes: fawns and bucks feeding upon their landscaping, or bending their bright shiny auto fenders in suicidal road crossings. They where in no mood to lie down and take it while these savage ruminants gnoshed on their rhododendrons, and they had put forth some extremely militant solutions to the problem.

The animals themselves appeared unable to marshal an opinion on the matter, and though I am not a confrontational person, I took it upon myself to defend them in the local paper.

To the Editors:
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as a new resident, compliment the citizens on a lovely town and chastise each and every one of you for your ignorance.
That a person could live here and find deer to be an imposition is simply comedy at its highest level. Us, with our rancid, pollution spewing homes, sitting upon porches while taking in breathtaking woodland and resplendent scenery, all the while cursing to Hades a few deer eking out a meager sustenance while risking their necks to cross hazardous roads. Up in arms shall we be at the temerity of velvet horned, satin coated animals for treading across our pristine vistas.
Let us free ourselves of this tyranny, fire up the cement mixers and pave the whole town, assassinating wildlife as we go along.
In closing, I would like to state that I look forward to meeting all of you, and eagerly await the myriad of subjects you will in the future find to complain about.

Todd Vodka
Irreverent Rabble-Rouser and Deer Smooching Hippie Whacko


Jenn said...

Great post! I am always baffled at peoples intolarence of wildlife. You made me laugh with your letter.

starz said...

i love how you beat everyone to the jokes you make about yourself.

very witty and smart... i'd be surprised if it didn't get published

AJ said...

Marc, Great stuff! I browsed your blog after seeing your comment on "Life at TJ's." You have a very twisted wit! I like it!

BTW, I've linked you on my blog. I know it's not not as creative as your saucepan trick, but I was fresh out of free pot(s). Happy blogging!

Deb said...

HAHA! I love this! I so often say, "I'm going to write a letter!" when something sends me into a rage.
This reminds me of the people who buy a home that is advertised as "freeway close", then complain that the noise of the highway keeps them awake at night.

btw - I found you by way of Barry's blog (life's little observations).

evilsciencechick said...

Heehee "deer smooching hippie wacko" - I love it! Your blog is very funny :)


carinne said...

Todd Vodka,

What can you comment about to someone with a name like that, who enjoys interpereting hiccups and reading owner's manuals? I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the profile. It's one of the most creative i've yet read.

Love the letter. Your writing is awesome.

Can't wait for more.


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